Short Film by alumni Gil Kinan selected for Women Over 50 Film Festival 2021


MA Animation alumni Gal Kinan's short film 'Mother' has been officially selected to take part in the Women Over 50 Film Festival (WOFFF) 2021 from September 25th to October 2nd. The film will be shown online via the Eventive Independent Film Festival with tickets available here



On the evening of Independence Day, lonely Solomon stands, lost in thought, on Hahagana Bridge in Tel Aviv. As the fireworks die down, a vision appears in the sky and for a brief moment he is transported back to his childhood.

“Mother” is a film that talks about being a stranger in a new modern country. It is the outcome of my own experiences as a migrant. The film was created with the intention to tell about the mental leap every immigrant has to make when leaving the place where they were born and going to the “Promised Land”. Yearning and longing for the old place from which one comes, as well as enjoying the new world which one now lives in.

In the last year, 'Mother' was featured in short film and animation festivals like 16th Athens Animfest, Warsaw Animation Film Festival, PAPAYA.ROCKS Film Festival (London), Supernova Digital Animation Festival (Denver), Dulcisimo Ovario 2021 Film Festival (Mexico City), MM Fest (Serbia), Ischia Global Film Festival (Italy) and more.


Gal Kinan is a visual artist who moved into the field of animation six years ago. She lives in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. From 2017-2019 she worked on a children's TV series at Pitchipoy Animation Production studio, Israel. In September 2020 she completed her Animation master’s degree at the Master Institute if Visual Cultures (with honors), where she was also one of the three winners of the Wacom Talent Development Award 2020. “Mother” is her first film and was produced with the support of Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, Israel, and the MIVC.

Since her graduation in September 2020 she worked as a freelancer on commercials, short and featured films in Germany, The Netherlands and Israel, with studios such as Submarine, The Fabricant, PitchiPoy Production and more.


As a 3D animator, I decided to make this film because I believe that animation can portray these unique stories in a more personal, intimate, and imaginative way. In the film, I chose to use a mix of a realistic style with a more fantastic style to emphasize the mental journey that the protagonist Solomon is going through as the story evolves.

Gal Kinan,

These days, she is working on a new short animation film called "Red Thread" with the support of Film Fund Negev. It tells the story of two sisters who build a confined space for a group of dung beetles in the wadi near their house, but the desert wind comes and ruins their efforts. The fluid existence of their life in the desert and the separation of their parents makes;them realize their own limitations.


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