Kanso Ogbolu - Wacom Talent Development Award winner 2022


On 7th September at the Master in Animation (Master Institute of Visual Cultures, part of Avans University of Applied Sciences) Graduation Screening (in the Verkadefabriek): When Stories Intertwine, Kanso Ogbolu was announced as the Wacom Talent Development Award Winner 2022 by external expert and Creative Director of the Panics: Erwin van den IJssel.

Ogbolu is a motion design and animator specialised in 2D and 3D animation and motion design, illustration, VFX and film. With a background in architecture and advertising, he created and managed his own motion design, film and animation before deciding to pursue a master in animation in the Netherlands.

His graduation film ''Ex, Why?'' tells the story of two former lovers who, seeking closure, meet up one last time. This sets up a chain of events that may alter the course of their lives forever.

At core of the Wacom Talent Development Award lies the acknowledgment of artists and designers’ potential of expression through animation. While recognizing the excellence of young artists within the creative industries in the fields of animation and design, it rewards their talent of storytelling – a powerful skill capable of evoking the critical reflections and conversations the world needs for progressive change.


In his jury report, van der IJssel shared the following on Ogbolu's work:

''With Ex, Why?, Kanso has created a film that leaves a big impact. What stands out first is the sheer ambition of the project, and the professional approach to production it has taken to complete it. But there is much more to admire beyond just the scale of it – throughout the design, the animation, the cinematography and the editing, it’s clear Kanso has approached this film with a distinct storytelling sensibility. Throughout the process of creating it, it is obvious that he has continuously reflected on what he set out to do, and re-evaluated the work done to keep improving.

The resulting film is one that blends all elements of the production into a seamless piece of storytelling, and one that shows Kanso’s distinct voice as an artist. I’m very impressed with the result and look forward to seeing what Kanso does next''.

''I would like to tell unique stories... I have a lot of ideas. Some may change lives, and some might make people laugh. But it would be my mission to evoke some sort of emotion. I just want people to feel. Especially laughter and happiness; I'm all about positivity...I want to give back." - Kanso Ogbolu

Kanso Ogbolu,

The nominees for the award were Indah Heijmans, Kees Korevaar, Narjes Mohammadi and Puck Paasesen where were recognised for having graduated with distinction.

The Master Institute of Visual Cultures Vimeo Channel has made the final films of Odbolu, the Wacom Talent Development Award nominees, and Master in Animation graduates accessible for 48 hours. A preview of their work is available on the Master Institute of Visual Cultures website.


Photo credits: Linde Dorenbos