Admissions 2023-2024

Final Application Round | Apply before May 31

To start with one of the pathways within the Master Program of Fine Art & Design at the end of August 2023, we're organizing one final application round:

  • Deadline 31st of May: at the 31st of May 2023 your application documents must be uploaded in our admissions system. This is the final application round for the academic year 2023-2024.
  • The final application round is only organised for the three pathways within the Master Program of Fine Art & Design: Ecology FuturesSituated Design and Visual Arts & Post-Contemporary Practice. 
    The Master of Arts in Animation program is already fully booked!
  • This final application round is only open to students from EEA countries, Ukraine and The Netherlands.


You can expect to hear whether you have been selected for an interview in the beginning of June.  


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The Master Institute of Visual Cultures is part of Avans University of Applied Sciences. During your application process, you will be requested to submit information from the Student Administration Office of Avans Hogeschool as well as from the master's Administration Office. 


Admissions Procedure   

1st step: Registering via Studielink 

Studielink is the Dutch database which keeps track of all the students who are studying in the Netherlands. You must first submit an enrollment application via Studielink, which they will send to us. We will use this application to determine your eligibility for the programme and if positive, you shall then receive an email from with instructions on how to proceed with your application.  

How to register on Studielink 

  1. Visit 

  1. Log in or create a new Studielink account. You can use your DigiD to create a new Studielink-account, or create one without DigiD if you do not yet have one.  

  1. Click on Submit Enrolment Application 

  1. In the "Choose a study programme" tab and select Educational Institution: Avans University of Applied Sciences 

  2. Study Programme Level: HBO Master 

  3. Master of Art and Design (if you are applying to Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice, Situated Design and Ecology Futures.  In the next section, you will be asked to select which programme you are applying for) OR Master of Animation if you are applying to the Animation program. 


2nd Step: Submitting Application Documents and Personal Information 

This can only take place after you have registered via Studielink, and have received an email with instructions on how to proceed with your application. 


Programme Application Documents  

After the 1st of November, you can submit your application to the programme by submitting the following documents: 

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Portfolio

  • Personal Statement 

  • Research Proposal

For your application to be considered, you must completely upload these four required documents before the enrollment deadline. Check below for the enrollment round deadline.  

Personal Information 

The Student Administration from Avans Hogeschool will contact you to provide the following information:

  • ID (passport or front and back of national ID card) 

  • Proof of English proficiency (ie. IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge).  

  • A certified copy of your bachelor's degree certificate. If you receive your diploma later this year, an official statement from your school stating your graduating date and academic title will suffice.  

  • Transcript of records.  


Please note that you can submit your Personal Documents after applying to the programme. Your application will only be considered if the following steps are completed:

- Step 1

- The Academic Information section in Step 2.