Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for the Master’s programmes?

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In order to apply, you must have a certificate or diploma proving that you have successfully completed a Higher Education (Bachelor) programme.  Specific admissions information and conditions for each Master’s programme can be found on the respective programme page of our website. Specific practical information and conditions can be found at the Avans Application page

What is the official status of the programmes at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures?

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Our programmes are fully accredited by the Dutch Government. The AKV|St.Joost Master is registered as the Avans University of Applied Sciences. Since 2013 we have been officially accredited by the Netherlands-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO). 

What steps do I have to take in order to enrol in the Master's programme?

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There are a few formal steps you have to take in order to enrol in our programmes. Information about the assessment can be found here, and information about the formal procedure can be found here.

What takes place during the admission process?

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Click here for information about the admission process.

What is Studielink?

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Studielink is th Dutch national database for admission to higher education. To receive an invitation to our online system and enroll to a program of your choice, you must first register in Studielink. You can register for up to four programs in Studielink. 

Please note that the decision to accept you to the program or not will always be up to the Master Institute of Visual Cultures after we review your application in our online application system. Registering only in Studielink is not sufficient. Please submit your complete application in our online application system as well after you receive an invitation to do so.