Master of Arts in Animation Curriculum

SOHO Project

This unit of study focuses on collaboration and working on commission from clients. You will acquire experience in studio work and the dynamics associated with it. You will focus on planning, feasibility and production processes, with an emphasis on testing your own artistic freedom in relation to working on commission. You assume various roles in the studio, so that you can test your qualities and ambitions.

Meet the Team

Our team are committed enthusiasts of the field of animation. They work closely with students to provide a stimulating and safe environment where students can express themselves in creative ways. 

Leon van Rooj is the Festival Director of Playgrounds Festival, which has been growing exponentially, not only in the Netherlands but abroad and has had its first run in Berlin. The festival signals developments in the field of moving image, game-sound and graphic design, connecting the artist, (international) creative industry, education and audience. Twice during the year our students attend the festival (both Blend and the Art Department) and have direct access to this network. Remco Vlaanderen is editor and curator at the Amsterdam based Submarine Channel and has extensive expertise in interactive comics and new media and brings his experience and network to the programme. Sarah Lugthart is a writer, researcher and theorist with extensive knowledge of immersive storytelling, specialising in situated methodologies. Technology expert, Peter van de Zanden knows everything from interactive presentation to stop motion, having worked on more than 40 animation shorts, including clients such as Sesame Street and Klokhuis. Fred van Hoek comes from the world of economics and organizes the annual TEDxAvansUniversity talks that take place on location at our Breda campus. He brings his know-how of business modelling, personal coaching and public speaking to unleash the creative potential in each student. Fred co-teaches with Marga Rotteveel who is an industry expert in the field of storytelling. She is founding director of the photography platform Docking Station Space for Stories in Amsterdam whose mission is to bring high-quality visual stories out there so that they can make an impact providing new windows onto the world to understand complex issues related to migration, climate change, conflict and identity.

Tutors guide and nurture the development of the student, using the individual practice and interests of each student as a basis. In doing so, they continually bring with them their own perspectives, knowledge and experience as professionals in the field. Every tutor has his or her own role and specialisation within the programme; they contribute in the form of critical theory, diverse visual practices and technology. If so desired, students can seek guidance from tutors from other pathways and can gain specific knowledge in the various skills-based workshops.